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  • The Next Chapter: Master Classes for the Seasoned Professional May 17-19, 2018 - The Westin Buckhead, Atlanta, Georgia
    AHEAD (Association on Higher Education And Disability)

    Students with Autism and Higher Education,
    An Expanding Frontier

    Guest Lecturers:
    Jane Thierfeld Brown, Ed.D., College Autism Spectrum & Yale Child Study
    Lorraine Wolf, Ph.D., Boston University

    Approximately 50,000 students with autism graduate from high school each year, and increasing numbers of those students, about 35%, go on to higher education. Even the most seasoned disability resource professional may be unsure of how to implement effective support systems for students on the spectrum, leaving them feeling unsupported and misunderstood. Campuses must re-examine our understandings, language, and skills to negotiate the intersection of institutional policies, practices, and expectations with the characteristics of an increasingly diverse student body.

    This master class will focus on understanding the population of students on the autism spectrum. Strategies for moving students to a greater state of independence, working with parents, and partnering with faculty to design teaching and advising experiences that are effective will be shared and discussed. Because this is a master class, the nationally-recognized expert presenters will assume basic knowledge of autism and understanding of the principles of access and accommodation. Focus will be on institutional system change, collaboration, and strategies for enhancing students’ ability to navigate the college environment.

    This 16-hour, certificate-bearing, advanced training will provide significant opportunity for interaction and include discussion of:

    • The brain and executive function
    • Self-advocacy, self-determination, and self-regulation
    • Title IX issues, including both training and compliance
    • Conduct and “non-optional” behavior
    • Cultivating partnerships with other campus offices, including career planning, residence life, student activities, etc.
    • Disability resource office policies, practices, and programs, including the roles and functions that fit with a service office and those that do not
    • Best practice guidance for fostering a welcoming, inclusive campus
    *** Early bird registration rates end April 9, 2018 ***
    The following online training sessions are moderated by Dr. Jane Brown and available as downloadable audio files in association with using the ConferTel platform. Each is priced at just $98.

    Conduct and Students on the Autism Spectrum
    This webinar addresses how to best work with students on the spectrum who may present these challenges. Issues for classrooms, residence halls and students organizations will be discussed as well as dealing with parents.

    Students with Autism/Aspergers: Information for Student Affairs Professionals
    This webinar addresses student affairs departments and how to best work with students on the spectrum including issues for individual departments and how to deal with parents. **Closed captioning provided.**

    Training Peer Mentors to Work with Students with Autism
    This webinar discusses Peer Mentor training for your campus as well cover other issues like establishing boundaries and appropriate relationships. **Closed captioning provided.**

    We are proud to announce that one of our publications "Students with Asperger Syndrome: A Guide for College Personnel" by Lorraine E. Wolf, Jane Thierfeld Brown, & G. Ruth Kukiela Bork, has now been translated into Japanese!


    College Autism Spectrum (CAS) is an independent organization of professionals whose purpose is to assist students with autism spectrum disorders, and their families. We specialize in COLLEGE COUNSELING (helping students find the right college) and WORK READINESS (skill building for interviews, jobs and work skills).

    We help students with ASD explore and navigate college options before, during and through the college process. Additionally, we provide campuses and professionals with the tools and training to work effectively with students on the spectrum and to understand the challenges as well as the talents they bring.

    Our team of Lisa King, M.Ed., Jane Thierfeld Brown, Ed.D and Dr. Lorraine Wolf, Ph.D. has over 75 years of combined experience in disability service provision in a variety of college environments, including 4 year, public, private and professional institutions of higher education as well as 2 year community college and technical schools.

    • Overview of our Team:
    Learn more about Jane Thierfeld Brown, Ed.D, Lisa King, M.Ed., Dr. Lorraine Wolf, Ph.D., and the rest of our consultants.

    • Services for Students:
    Students with autism spectrum disorders often have no trouble meeting the entrance criteria to the college of their choice, yet once there, have extreme difficulty navigating the academic and social complexities inherent in the college experience.

    • Services for Parents:
    Students with ASD often have unique needs for support in areas that colleges are not mandated to provide. In depth understanding of a student's strengths and challenges and an institution's ability to support them is essential in facilitating a successful experience.

    • Services for Professionals:
    The increasing numbers of students on the autism spectrum entering post-secondary education present higher education institutions with challenges previously not at issue.

    • Services for Schools & Agencies:
    Transitioning from high school to the postsecondary world is difficult for all students. This is more prevalent for students with ASD, because the deficits of the condition may not be fully realized or addressed in the secondary environment.

    • Summer Programs for Students:
    Special Summer programs for students and/or family dealing with autism spectrum disorder.

    • College Programs for Students:
    Many post-secondary institutions around the country offer training and certification programs as well as individualized and group support services.

    • Testimonials & Kudos:
    Find out what satisfied clients and workshop participants are saying about the professionals at College Autism Spectrum.

    • Our Training Schedule:
    Here's a list of upcoming events as well as past appearance and school presentations.

    • Media Center:
    Check out the latest press clippings, media materials, brochures and selected presentations.

    AUTISM LIVE INTERVIEW: Yale Professor Dr. Jane Thierfeld Brown talks about her program "College Autism Spectrum," which provides college-level support and training for parents, students, and professionals involved with the Autism community. Autism Live is a production of the Center for Autism and Related Disorders (CARD).

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