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College Autism Spectrum: Providing support for students on the autism spectrum and the schools and colleges they attend

Providing college-level support and training
for students, parents, & professionals
involved with the autism spectrum community

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    The increasing numbers of students on the autism spectrum entering post-secondary education present higher education institutions with challenges previously not at issue. Impacts outside of the academic realm cause DS providers to consider the reasonableness of accommodations. Academic and student affairs offices are sometimes faced with behavior management and conduct issues, sensory and stress management issues. Students with autism spectrum disorders sometimes do not disclose until there is a problem: therefore pro-active, campus wide training and awareness is critical for a successful interface between the institution and student. A major thrust of our work is providing training to professional staff and faculty on campus. Based on each college's unique environment, we provide:

    • Individualized, advanced training for college campus personnel:
    • Disability providers, administrators, academic and student affairs offices
    • Modules on how to work with students with AS on college campuses
    • Education on developing accommodations and support services
    • Understanding academic and non-academic issues for students on the spectrum
    • Assistance in working with challenging behaviors
    • Understanding how to work with parents of students with AS
    • Implementation of program: Strategic Education for students with Autism Spectrum Disorders (Thierfeld Brown, Wolf 2003)

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