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College Autism Spectrum: Providing support for students on the autism spectrum and the schools and colleges they attend

Providing college-level support and training
for students, parents, & professionals
involved with the autism spectrum community

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    Transitioning from high school to the postsecondary world is difficult for all students. This is more prevalent for students with ASD, because the deficits of the condition may not be fully realized or addressed in the secondary environment. Secondary systems and the families they serve are largely unaware of the all encompassing differences between high school and college as well as the impact these differences can have on the student if not prepared well in advance. College Autism Spectrum professionals have extensive K12 experience and provide workshops for high school educators and administrators, vocational rehabilitation counselors, and other interagency supports targeting:

    • How to prepare students on the spectrum for the college option
    • Developing self advocacy skills
    • Understanding documentation requirements needed at the post-secondary level
    • How to assist parents in supporting the transition process
    • How to help individuals with ASD gain insight into their disability and the ways in which it affects areas of functioning in higher education settings
    • Differences in legislation of IDEA and ADA

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